REACTRON ® Laboratory reactors
Our modular laboratory reactors are suitable for the development and reproduction of different reaction and mixing processes in laboratory scale. They are daily used in countless application, e.g., in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


By integrating our POLYTRON® dispersers and POLYMIX® stirrers, a perfect unit is created. Many additional devices, such as heating and cooling units can be connected. Our smallest laboratory inline MEGATRON® MT 3100 S can be connected for additional dispersing processes.
The modular design allows problem-free scale-up tests for larger volumes.

Modular design

  • Single-walled or double-walled mixing vessel
  • Borosilicate glass or steel mixing vessel
  • Mixing vessel with and without bottom drain valve
  • Diverse dispersing drives and corresponding generators
  • Two different stirrer drives
  • Temperature sensor
  • Hopper
  • Connections using tapered fittings or tri clamps

External components

  • Heating units
  • Cooling units
  • Vacuum operation (using special aggregate)
  • Connection to MEGATRON® inline disperser

The standard configuration contains

  • Borosilicate or steel vessel
  • Stainless steel vessel lid, tapered fittings or tri clamps
  • POLYMIX® PX-MT/ PX-HT stirrer with transmission and anchor stirrer
  • Telescopic stand